Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management is one of the most important warehouse workflow functions, bridging warehouse owner, customer, and bankers, through a combination of people, process, and automation.

Why do you need mWMS (Warehouse Management System)?

Every warehouse manages the good rent based on the local market and not as per the standard rates. As and when warehouse owners wish to have stock details; it is a troublesome, time-consuming, and person-dependent task. Valuation of the stock is not accurate as it is done on assumptions and it is difficult to know the actual quantity and rates manually. There is no transparency in Rent income and Expenses as it is done on paper and no track has been maintained. The people who have kept their goods in the warehouse have to deposit their rent in the bank for which they need to make multiple trips to find out their rent amount and then for the payment which consumes a lot of time. Warehouse management lacks the use of technology which increases the chances of having human errors. The warehouse managers have to keep many laborers for their work which can be easily done with the help of technology and help in the reduction of expenditure.

5 Steps of 5 Steps of Warehouse Management

Customer Onboarding

This is the precise point where the first step along the path of systematic customer management, using an integrated approach must be taken.

Material Inward & Storage

This is where a rule-based Material Inwards and Godown Storage engine comes in. Our state-of-the-art system automation platform able to generate inward receipts and mortgages.

Rental Income Calculation

This systematic approach towards the calculation of rental income based on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cost. Our advanced system also considers the expenses while calculating the Rental Income.

Material Outward

This is a critical step, and also an essential part of the warehouse management process. Our CRM systems provide partial exit and full exit of the material and manage the inventory systematically.

Warehouse Insights Analytics

The steps you need to take to improve the efficacy of your warehouse, customer relationship, and expenses.


Fumigation & Insurance Management

Manage Warehouse Fumigation & Insurance Expenses, its schedule, and forward the expenses to the selected material’s rent calculations.

Multiple Godowns Management

Manage, review, and get insights into your multiple godowns from a single dashboard panel.

Customer & Party Management

Manage Customers, Party information for Relationship management and effective communications and data insights.

Partial & Full Outward

Manage the Partial and Full Outward of the material in a simple and systematic approach with stock management.

Mortgage Calculator

Ease of Mortgage Calculation based on Material Actual Cost, Amount of Loan, Tenure, Rate of Interest. Also easy and simple details of Principal amount and Interest Amount.

Multiple Language Support

mWMS supports English and Marathi Language for added productivity for Godown users and staff.

GST Calculation

GST Compliance Inward and Outward receipts. GST Number on the tax invoice.

Advance Rent Forecast

Calculate the Rent Forecasting based on Material, Material Aging, and futuristic cost deviations.

And much more!

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